On the adventures and training of Cinnamon Snapdragon, a papillon destined for greatness.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The end.

As you probably deduced from the lack of updates to this blog, Dragon was never recovered. The last probable sighting was July 18th, and then the trail ended. I don't want to describe, yet again, the details of the search or my grieving process. What I would like to share is that three weeks ago, I brought home a Papillon puppy, who happens to be another tricolor male. He is 13 weeks old right now.

This is Chimera Monstra.

Of course, I made another blog for Chimera (AKA Cai), which you can find below:
I've been writing a lot about socializing him, since that's the most important thing at this age. Cai will also be trained in agility, obedience, and probably nosework and freestyle, with clicker training and other positive methods of course! Please join us on our journey.